Best Car Compressor Brands

Choosing a good car compressor is an important decision as it’s likely to be needed as a safety device sooner or later. While most people buy them with the task of checking pressure on their driveway in mind, they will sometimes be called upon for a much more important reason.

Imagine driving down the motorway in the pouring rain and suddenly the light comes on to warn you of a loss of pressure in one or more tyres. It may be nothing, and safe to continue regardless until its convenient to pump them up, but equally you may have inadvertently driven over something that’s damaged your wheels at high speed. What should you do?

At the very least, slow down. If you’re losing air, even slowly, you could suddenly find that keeping the car under control is much harder, especially if braking quickly. If you’re lucky enough to have a modern car with advanced tyre monitoring technology built in, then you may be able to see the current pressure of each tyre on the dashboard screen.

Most drivers, though, will have to stop as soon as is safe and manually check the wheels, tyre by tyre. Choosing the best tyre inflator is therefore an important consideration. It’s not a given that you’ll encounter problems near a petrol station with the equipment provided. Not all forecourts provide air pumps and it’s not exactly uncommon for them to have broken down and to be out of order.

Choosing a good air compressor is relatively straight forward as there’s one overriding factor – the brand. Some you’ll no doubt be familiar with already, a good example is the AA. They’ve put their name to a range that are manufactured and supplied with their famous yellow logo, so as a motoring organisation you can be confident they won’t risk their reputation on poor quality products.

Lesser known brands are also available too though, and they’re likely to be available at lower prices. In this case, the best example is Ring, who have a small range of very well received tyre inflators, priced to suit most budgets.

There are plenty more brands available, but sticking to the most well reviewed ones is wise. Stick to that advice and you should be fine – of course any product can fail, but with a reliable and trusted brand you’re also likely to get the after-sales help and support you may need.