Buying A Baby Monitor

Let’s get this out in the open. You’re not going to get much sleep in the coming months. If you’re unlucky, it will be years before you get a good run of nights of unbroken sleep. Yes, some babies settle into sleeping through as early as four to six weeks, but that’s unusual. Typically you’re doing well if you manage your first night from 11pm to 5am (yes, just six hours is doing well) by three or four months. Now though, we’re going to give you a little bit of advice, and we’ve not brought you a gift to justify forcing our opinions on you!

Video Monitor
Video baby monitors – peace of mind to keep an eye on your newborn with less wear on the legs, and a lower price that you think!

This is very simple, very straightforward, and even very obvious when you think about it. Don’t make being a parent any harder than it needs to be. Life as a mum or dad is tough, and in some ways, the first year or two are the easiest, even if the most tiring. When you put baby to bed, have a video baby monitor to watch over them. They’re no longer much more expensive than sound only ones, and they save a lot of effort to-ing and fro-ing from baby’s room to make sure they’re safe and well (or your own room in the first few months). You’re going to be anxious about leaving them, that’s perfectly normal, but you can get a little help from Tommee Tippee or Motorola in your daily routine.

As you can see in the video, there’s some great choices available now, and you can read up on all sorts of information about them. For example, if you have seen some of the more popular ones in the high street stores but don’t know which you want to buy, you might decide that the Motorola video monitors look good (and they are by the way). You can just jump online and see some of the Motorola video baby monitor reviews by experts who have built entire websites about them. You’ll find that there are all sorts of features you otherwise wouldn’t have considered, for example motion sensors to check that your baby is breathing.

Of course, if you’re worried about becoming over dependent on a monitor and that you’ll be glued to the screen from the moment your child goes to bed, you can just turn it around or if the one you choose has the function, let it automatically switch off after a few minutes until you press a key, effectively reducing it to a sound monitor until you hear something and switch on the picture.

Sleep is going to be something you consider to be at a premium very soon, if baby hasn’t already arrived. By making a good choice with baby monitors, you can at least minimise the worry between baby’s bed time and your own so you can relax a little, and once they’re in their own room, keep an eye on them from your own bed.