Chakra Meditation: Know Your Zone Colors

We all remember the song from our early years growing up, “Red and yellow and pink and green…”, so the song goes. Can you sing a rainbow too? Now as parents, we can turn our attention back to those colours, the chakra colors, which are so closely associated with inner calm.

The Colours Of The Rainbow In Medicine And Eastern Culture

The natural spectrum of light is of course, what makes up the colours of a rainbow. There are seven principle colours which are; violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. While we think of these colours as merely a fact of science they have had influence over Eastern cultures for thousands of years. These colours are also known as chakra colours and are linked to various parts of the human body.

The first, violet is said to be linked to the crown while indigo is linked to the brow. Blue is related to the throat, green the heart, yellow the solar plexus, orange the sacral and finally, red the base. Wearing these colours is said to enhance the natural healing powers of the associated area of body of the wearer. Using this theory it makes sense that if you are suffering from throat irritation or a nasty cough then it would be beneficial to wear a blue neckerchief around your throat area. Likewise, if you are having heart problems, chakra followers would wear green to help with the wellbeing of the heart.

As well as using coloured garments to aid well-being and healing there are also chakra crystals available for individuals to wear. These are said to have enhanced healing powers. Not only are they functional, they also look great too and can be worn with the latest fashions to great effect. Chakra crystals have also been around for countless centuries and make up a large portion of Eastern medicinal practice. Combining both chakra colours with clothes and chakra crystals as a part of jewellery you are sure to be feeling great in no time at all and it’s all thanks to Eastern cultural and medicinal¬†practices.